Ø1,8 m "RELAX" badestamp i glassfiber

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Standard set:

  • Fiberglass frame hot tub with wooden finishing from the outside;
  • Stainless steel heater with a chimney (internal or external);
  • Fiberglass inside benches;
  • Safety fence for the hot tubs with internal heaters;
  • Outlet valve for water;
  • Stairs.

Hot Tubs are becoming more and more popular as a combination of hot water and fresh air provides delightful sensations. It is a perfect place to relax and have fun with a family and friends. Therefore we offer a wide range of hot tubs: made only from the wood, with a synthetic frame or with a fiberglass interior.

An exterior of these Hot Tubs is made from the wood, which is nature friendly, while an inside made from fiberglass is easy to clean and maintain.

A diameter of this "Relax" hot tub is 1.8 m. You can choose a color of inside fiberglass frame from blue, cream, grey and yellow. Models with internal and external (outside) wood-burning heaters are available. Hot Tubs with the external heaters can fit in more people. Moreover, Hot Tub has a water discharge valve, it is ready for the hose connection, so water can be drained whenever you want.


Mer informasjon
Materialer Spruce / Thermowood
Form Rund
Eksteriørkledning (mm) 18
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